At Tekna, we sell you the camera for hyperbaric oxygen therapy and we also teach you how to use it

Hyperbaric medicine is a branch of science that studies the physiological and physiopathological changes that occur in living beings that undergo atmospheric pressure changes such as diving, workers under pressure or hyperbaric chamber, and its beginnings go back to the year 1930 when it began to be used in the decompressions of divers.

multiplace hyperbaric chamber for sale in a non-invasive medical treatment that consists of administering oxygen 100% in a period of time under pressure through a pressurized chamber, that oxygen is absorbed into the bloodstream by the lungs, and transported through the body by the circulatory system.
The effects of this HBOT are minimal and of very short duration. Hyperbaric medicine is not a cure for diseases, but it has been shown to increase the patient's immune capacity, and help with chronic wound problems or even complex disabilities.
These oxygen therapies are received in a hyperbaric chamber, and at Tekna, we manufacture and sell the best ones.
At Tekna, we are specialists in hyperbaric oxygen chambers, which are why we are the main manufacturer of hyperbaric chambers Monoplace and Multiplace. Among the many advantages of buying through Tekna is that we are the only original equipment manufacturer that produces customized medical air packages designed specifically for hyperbaric oxygen therapy, you can also count on customized designs, delivery, and installation anywhere in the world, and if it is of your interest we can train your staff in the use of the hyperbaric chamber you acquire or in any other service you need in terms of hyperbaric medicine, in addition to having a general maintenance and calibration of equipment annually at reasonable costs.
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