So ... What's so special about

Michael Ian Black is a man with a variety of incredible qualities ... From actor, writer, and comedian to a very good and strategic poker player. It is amazing how many things this man has achieved throughout his life and his career, many of these are due and are worthy of admiration, others are simply human errors that are not even worth mentioning. But who is really Michael Ian Black? Well, we are here to tell you and remind you.

Michael Ian Black was born in Chicago, Illinois in 1971. His father was an officer and his mother owned his own store. He grew up in New Jersey as a child witnessed the divorce of his parents, and after a while, his mother came out of the closet. Michael Ian Black studied art in New York and began his long life as an artist on MTV, in a series program called "The condition". Later it would become popular thanks to the paper that made in this series, in addition to becoming the director of this one. Additionally, he becomes a comedian of black humor, where he not only takes as an object of mockery to others but also includes himself. Thanks to this, his fame and favoritism towards this man continue to grow unstoppably. This man then appears in the Celebrity Poker Showdown Times, since he also happens to be an excellent poker player. Even Michael has and writes his own column occasionally in the online version of McSweeney's. And last but not least, in 2009, Black publishes a children's book written by himself.
Undoubtedly, Michael Black turns out to be a multifaceted man, because if he does not do one thing, he does another, something we all love about him, and we will never tire of his terrible black humor. If you are looking to find much more information about this incredible character, go here where you will find out about everything you want to know about him.