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From our page you can download for free useful applications such as 1-, a useful and reliable application that is used to measure the speed of an internet connection in less than 30 seconds, you can also measure the download speed, observe graphically the stability of your connection and solve connection problems among others. 2- Wifi Analyzer, a tool for WiFi networks, which makes the analysis of the strength and quality of the wireless signal, and at the same time with this program will help solve problems and configure the router correctly. 3- Master Network, a professional tool for a better Wi-Fi experience in one touch, Identify wifi phishing hotspots to protect internet security, with this network of speed test applications you can find wifi zones quickly, you will be protecting the security and speed of the network, apart from monitoring the Wi-Fi data consumption.
Not only do we provide apps but you can also download games like Super Mario Run, one of the most popular mobile games of the moment, or Pokemon Go, another game that has gained incredible popularity, as well as tips on each game that you download from our site.
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