Full satisfaction with the multiplace hyperbaric chamber

We're specialists in hyperbaric oxygen chamber, we are Tekna and we sell more than cameras due to the fact when buying a video camera you are in addition buying the services along with the guarantee that you got it will always operate optimally. That is certainly our dedication; we remain updated using technology since hyperbaric medicine so deserves the idea.

We offer a person our solutions from before buying your hyperbaric chamber. Simply contact us, it can be done through our own website https://hyperbaric-chamber.org and we strategy the sale, which includes writeup on the space where the camera should go, to make sure that the best place is suitable being installed and works flawlessness, we help to make designs of hyperbaric clinics, create plans for interconnection points, updates of the construction code as well as help you with the required permits.
You will find a wide range of hyperbaric storage compartments for sale: The monoplace hyperbaric chamber, used in smaller sized spaces and serve only one patient, available in two designs. Multiplace hyperbaric chamber designed to handle multiple patients at the same time, from 2 for you to 24 chairs, optional mattresses, available in 7 models. Transportable hyperbaric chambers are often constructed inside a modular constructing. Hyperbaric mobile camera built over a trailer or perhaps a truck program, these last two are multiplaces, and are available in two options, with ability from Eight to twelve and coming from 10 to 14 car seats. Veterinary hyperbaric chamber, with regard to small pets such as monkeys and horses or for animals as big as mounts or camels, you can expect service regarding certified hyperbaric technologists. And finally the decompression storage compartments, for multiple patients as well.
All our digital cameras are pressurized with 100% health care oxygen grade and therefore are equipped with each of the necessary elements for each hyperbaric oxygen chamber program.
Currently, Tekna producers the best and most comfortable cameras available on the market. We offer total satisfaction in our services so that you have just as satisfied sufferers.