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Converting a SKILSAW® from 7 ¼ "to a 10-¼" is just something that could have happened to Robert Hutching, a man who dedicated himself for almost three decades to carpentry and framing and who, due to his experience, was able to determine that by adding a larger blade on his 7 ¼ "saw he could cut up to 4 x 4s in a single pass instead of two.

And it is precisely thanks to the Big Foot Saw 10 ¼ "that Big Foot Tools is placed on the market. Big Foot is not an average tool factory, our tools are cutting edge, unique, durable and with affordable prices.
Big Foot Tools is still a company of origin that started and is still managed by people with extensive experience in the carpentry industry, because we were also carpenters and ship owners and we know what we need and we are dedicated to making unique design tools that reflect efficiency, stability, durability and above all very safe in any field that is used. Because we would not bring low-quality tools to our work sites, we do not want our clients to take them either.
Surely our tools will not get them in large stores in boxes, we are of old-fashioned quality and we like that.
We have amazing Pea shooter tool sale, the Big Foot 10- ¼ ", the Big Boy 14", Big Foot blades with 24 teeth and much more.
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At Big Foot Tools we have always been proud of the excellent service and unbeatable tools we offer our customers, that has been our priority and we remain firm in remaining the best.