The best Integrative oncology treatment Europe is provided by Global Virotherapy

Global Virotherapy is a clinic located in Latvia, which has become the leader in Integrative oncology treatment europe . It has a highly trained and highly experienced medical staff, who is responsible for the monitoring and monitoring of the patient since entering the clinic, during each stage of treatment.

The treatment against cancer-based on virotherapy is an Integrative oncology treatment Europe that has proven to be highly effective, very safe and is complemented by integrative medicine, in addition, each patient has a personalized attention. At Global Therapy they are committed to providing the highest quality medical care and the best patient care during their stay in the facilities, in a quiet environment.
Virotherapy is a treatment in which oncolytic viruses are used to destroy cancer without affecting healthy tissues. It is especially useful to destroy cells such as melanoma, which is resistant to chemotherapy and radiotherapy, reporting minimal side effects; because it is well tolerated by patients can be applied in conjunction with other therapies.
The 3 packages of virotherapy treatment include basic medical services such as case evaluation, consultations with oncologists, immunologists, nutritionist and other nursing care, the application of the Riga Virus injections and the nursing service, as well as the realization of all the necessary exams, also, room services and daily meals.
The clinic also offers a therapeutic recreation program for patients, with the aim that they can recover much better from radiotherapy or chemotherapy sessions or after surgery. It consists of sessions of physiotherapy, psychotherapy, art therapy, acupuncture sessions and relaxation techniques of the mind and body.
You will be attended by the best professionals in the area, plus you will have the best recovery care available. To request a free evaluation of your case, just fill out the application form available on the Global Virotherapy website: