The after-effects of hyperbaric therapy

Hyperbaric therapy is carried out generally on patients without getting them hospitalized. But in case the patient is already hospitalized even then the hyperbaric treatment can be performed. The number of sessions to be held is not fixed and differs from patient to patient depending on their case that is to be treated. But in nearly all case one session is never enough. Thus the number of sessions required will be discussed with every patient in particular.

Normally these sessions are carried out in two different ways. The first one is a hyperbaric oxygen chamber for multiple people where the patient lies down or sits with a mask fitted over their face or a hood over the face and take in oxygen. The second process is where a single person chamber will be provided to the patient and the patient lies down on a tray or table that goes inside a plastic chamber.
The pressure of the air inside the chamber where the hyperbaric oxygen therapy will be performed is increased by 3 times than the normal pressure. The patient feels fullness in the ears which can be eliminated by swallowing or popping. The sessions normally continue for two hours and throughout these two hours, attendants and healthcare members will be present inside the chamber. After the end of the session, one can feel hungry or sleepy but rest they should feel well and start their daily activities. It is recommended to consume something nutritious but a light one hour before the therapy starts. One must not drive or travel alone for this therapy as they might require time to get accustomed to the process. Patients might fell fatigue thus should be accompanied by any friend, family or a driver who can drive them home through this tiredness or fatigues stops occurring after few hours.